Our server network is connected by redundant 100 MBit fibre optic cables to the MTN backbone, from where the full capabilities of MTN’s network topology and links to upstream providers at your disposal.

24/7/365 Network Monitoring
Integrity levels have been defined in terms of every aspect of our network (hardware and software) and instant electronic notifications are submitted in the event of irregularities, allowing intervention well before circumstances would lead to uncontrolled interruption of services.

99,9 % Uptime
Since the inception of the company, uptime has well exceeded 99,9%.

Redhat Linux Servers
Laurus Interactive employs Redhat Linux as its server operating system.

Linux is freely available, highly acclaimed and competent, reliable and significantly less exposed to security vulnerabilities than other, proprietary software. Its source code is freely available, allowing for efficient administration.

UPS & Diesel Generator
Electricity supply is controlled by a powerfull UPS. In the event of power failure, only 15 seconds are required to automatically switch to the diesel generator.

Daily Back-ups
Daily back-ups are created for the purpose of disaster recovery and are stored for two weeks before being replaced with the latest incremental version. Our system allows individual directories, hosting accounts or even entire servers to be restored easily by remote access.